Picket Fence Creation 12 months - 3T Maxiloones - Young Buck

Picket Fence Creations


"A picket fence is such a simple thing. Bright, white, security, peace, a sparrow's perch and an inspiration for creativity and memories of days gone by. I have always been inspired by the world around me, from an old barn in a field of wheat on a sunny day to a soda can in a ditch. Our life is what we make of it and how we use what we see around us. I love to sew, create, and reuse. Each item is made with love in hopes the one who will use it will be blessed." - Katie Eller, Picket Fence Creations

Maxiloones are the perfect pants for growing toddlers! The double cuff and double waist helps your maxiloones grow with your toddler without having to constantly size up. 100% organic cotton keeps baby comfy and momma happy!

Organic Cotton


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