Alaska Salt Co.

The Alaska Salt Company aims to be a vessel for one of the most commonly overlooked staples to mankind: raw salt harvested by hand from the sea.

Avanchy Bamboo and Silicone Baby Spoons


Our elegant, non-toxic, earth-friendly, BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free baby dishware is made for parents who are committed to reducing waste. Sustainability is our goal. 

Baby Tula Toddler Baby Carrier - Coast Buzz

Baby Tula

It has become our mission to promote babywearing worldwide through our quality products, education, and community outreach in order to form a more perfect union between caregiver and child.

BALM! Baby Sanitize Those Hands

BALM! Baby

This is why BALM! Baby was born; to provide our planet & our people not just natural products, but products stored in natural containers too. 


Our mission is to empower moms from the first moment they consider motherhood, through pregnancy, and after baby arrives. 

Bannor Toys Alaska State Rattle

Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys is committed to provide highest quality products which comply with and exceed all US standards and regulations. Wood is naturally anti-microbial.  Bacteria does not sustain life for long and does not duplicate on wood like it can on plastic or other surfaces. The silicone we use is the highest quality, completely free of BPA, PVC, Cadmium, Lead, Latex and Phthalate. Each toy is handcrafted here in Iowa, and passes through several hands before being packaged up.  

Bamboo Toothbrush - Kid

Brush With Bamboo

Brush with Bamboo is the world’s first plant-based toothbrush. Every component of our product is plant-based: bristles, handle, and box.

All of our products are Verified BPA-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Non-toxic.

Lavender + Rosemary Bath Bomb

Buck Naked Soap Company

Since inception, we’ve introduced a full line of all-natural, vegan, handcrafted skin care products. We’re committed to being chemical-free, using only pure, natural ingredients. On this, we are unwavering: if you can't (or shouldn’t) eat it, we won't use it.

Hot Dog Van

Candylab Toys

Candylab Toys was born out of our desire to revive the glamorous '60s American modernist vibe and carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs.

CanyonLeaf Baltic Amber Adult Bracelet - 7 inches


Amber necklaces have been a source of traditional healing passed on for many generations and are widely used and treasured throughout Europe and the Far East as unparalleled alternative medicine with proven health benefits. Wearing the necklace will help boost your child’s immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing as teething progresses. Children should be supervised at all times when wearing jewelry, and it should be removed when child is sleeping or unattended.


CJ's BUTTer® is still the same mom and pop business we have always been. With dedication to the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, a small team of the coolest cats you could know handcraft every CJ's product. We all truly believe in the products we make and are sure you'll love them too!

Clover and Birch Wood Peg Rattle

Clover and Birch

Clover & Birch is a labor-of-love brand with a desire to provide purposeful, modern toys to eco-conscious families. We believe in puddle jumping and exploration. We love open-ended toys and vivid imaginations.

Recycle Sticks Crayon 8 Pack

Crazy Crayons

This “recycling” education, community service has made it possible to stop more than 120,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help from schools, organization educators and kids across this country. Thank you for your efforts to help the Earth.

Eco-Eggs Coloring & Grass Growing Kit


From using non-toxic, natural ingredients to the unique packaging, Eco-kids works with environmentally friendly companies from around the United States to bring you fresh ideas in the world of art supplies.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

"Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers are soft and beautiful, made entirely of super absorbent bamboo|organic cotton fleece. Perfect for day time use & the answer for nights." -Sloomb

GoSili Reusable Silicone 24 oz Straw Cup - Calcatta Design


It is time to put an end to the excessive waste created from one-time use plastic products. It’s time to GoSili. Our European-grade silicone products are plastic-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made to last.

Grimm's Blue-Green Mobile Home


Grimm's loves wood because it is a natural material so it always has various markings that show up in their products, making each one unique. Grimm’s toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colors which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects. Discover the markings that make your Grimm’s toy Simply Unique!

GroVia Newborn All In One


Our promise at GroVia is to provide products that are the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly to parents throughout the world. 

Haakaa Gen 3 Silicone Breast Pump


Haakaa has an exciting range all made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and natural rubber. Haakaa products are safe, functional, yet stylish. They are the perfect products for modern families.

Nicholas Bear in Picnic Overalls and Bonnet

Hazel Village

Based in Brooklyn, our dolls are hand stitched, soft and safe for babies! Organic handmade woodland friends and kidswear, perfect for imaginative play.

Hevea Star & Moon Orthodontic Pacifier


HEVEA is not just a brand; it’s a story with its own purpose. The HEVEA story is about how we want to leave fingerprints on the world – a fingerprint showing that we strive to do better, to create a more mindful way of taking care of the planet we leave for future generations.

Hurraw! Lip Balm - Orange


Nourish and protect your skin wisely. Feed your body lots of plant-things so your skin can reap the rewards. Love every line, every blotch, every spot, every everything. Choose products as close to their natural state as possible to cleanse, hydrate and protect those surface cells.

GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell

Hybrid Cloth Diapers

We knew parents would be happy to use earth-friendly diapers if they were fun and simple to use, but still gave them the options they needed to fit into every part of their lifestyles. Why do modern parents love GroVia’s Hybrid Diaper system? For all those reasons—plus, there’s nothing cuter!

Hydro Flask 18 oz Standard Mouth w/ Flex Cap - Watermelon

Hydro Flask

Used in every product we make, TempShield™ is our double wall, vacuum insulated technology that guards the temperature of your drink. Bring ice water with you in the morning, and we promise you’ll still have ice in the afternoon. Hectic morning getting in the way of your coffee sipping? No problem.

Jellycat Bashful Fox Cub


Established in London in 1999 and launching many new soft toy designs every January and July, there is always something original and quirky yet incredibly soft and sumptuous to find at a Jellycat jamboree! Irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly, hilariously humorous, a perfect gift for all ages!

Kyte Baby Ring Sling - Spruce

Kyte Baby

Bamboo fibers create an incredibly soft fabric that is both gentle and cozy to the touch. The fabric is breathable, for comfort in any temperature, and absorbs & evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available.

Lunette Menstrual Cup - Clear


Our mission is to change attitudes about periods: nobody should feel ashamed of them, nobody should miss a chance because of them.

Manatee Produce Bags - Individual

Manatee Bags

We started manatee bags as a family business after being on a plastic-free path for several years. We offer sustainable alternatives to conventional products like plastic bags.

Facial Rounds - White (Organic)

Marley's Monsters

We are proud to be a BRING rethink sustainable business. Our sustainability mission is to implement creative and effective solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

Facial Rounds - White (Organic)

Natural Skin Care

High quality, handcrafted, natural soap and bath products.

"Using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients, we craft each product with care and control." -Buck Naked Soap Company

Oli & Carol Stacy the Unicorn

Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol baby toys are made out of 100% natural rubber from trees. These teethers and bath toys are biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Padraig Cottage Newborn Slipper

Padraig Cottage

Our Baby Slipper is made with pure wool. Dyed and crocheted by hand with a extra soft sheepskin lining and tough leather soles for long lasting comfort. 

Picket Fence Creation Organic Cotton Super Crinkle Baby Paper

Picket Fence Creations

All of our products are handmade by the owner/creator Katie Eller. Each item is lovingly made with high quality materials. They are unique, soft and loved by babies and children. Our slogan is “Clothes Kids Want To Wear!”

Short Sleeve Hooded Rag - 'Good Times' - Goblin Blue


Save time dressing your wriggly babe. Rags make diaper changing and potty training a breeze. Our patented neckline will make your littles feel like big kids, being able to dress themselves with our easy on and off!

Re-Play Toddler Utensil Pair


Snow and Arrow Cotton Knit Slippers - Size 0-3m

Snow and Arrow

Specializing in handmade organic cotton and recycled wool slippers for baby, toddler and kids. Stylish cotton knit slippers also available. Made in the USA.

The Tiny Bow Shop Navy, Mauve and Mustard Clip Set

The Tiny Bow Shop

"In the beginning, The Tiny Bow Shop was exactly that, tiny. All of my supplies fit into a single box, by now the Shop has grown into more than I could have imagined but the focus is still those tiny details."

Thirsties Natural Newborn All in One


The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.

Narwhal Horn Sidewalk Chalk


All TWEE products are designed to perfectly fit little ones’ hands, helping to increase a child’s grip strength and fine motor skills while encouraging creative play and imaginative making.

Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash

Unicorn Clean

Unicorn Clean Beyond Fibre Wash is a fragrance free laundry concentrate for knitwear, delicate hand-knit creations and is also great for wool! Use Unicorn Clean to remove odors and stains.