I love all things cloth diapering. I cloth diapered four children and I can tell you, I just love it. I love all the adorable prints, knowing that I’m not contributing to massive landfills full of diapers that will never decompose and teaching my kids about reusable options for their lives too. I love how much money we save by using cloth diapers and never having to rush to the store to buy more diapers and I love that my kids rarely got rashes, if ever at all.

However, at our boutique, we realize it may not be the perfect fit for some families and situations. We encourage every family that visits us to find the right fit for their family and their lifestyle. And sometimes, cloth diapering just isn’t right for some families.

In this article, we will look at the top three signs that cloth diapers aren’t right for your family.

1. Limited Access to Laundry Facilities

Cloth diapers must be washed once every other day or every three days. Failing to wash frequently can lead to stink and ammonia build up that can be difficult to remove. Because of this frequent washing, if you have limited access to laundry facilities, cloth diapering might be not be the best option for you.

Many times apartment buildings will offer coin operated services that are expensive and can add up quick. It may not make financial sense to continue to pay for the multiple washes that cloth diapers require. If you have laundry facility limitations like these, cloth diapering may not be for you.

2. Multiple Caregivers

Another possible source of cloth diapering stress can stem from having multiple caregivers changing cloth diapers. Many daycares or in-home care providers flat out refuse to use cloth diapers at all and if that is your main source of childcare, cloth diapers may not be right for you.

You may also have an individual in your life that lacks the dexterity to snap or fold cloth diapers the way your cloth diapering system requires. If physical strength is going to be a struggle for one of your caregivers, there may be a better option for you.

Or, you may switch caregivers very often over the course of a few days and traveling from caregiver to caregiver with different diaper styles, dirty diapers and more may just be too much. Sometimes, it’s ok to say it’s just too much and find an option that would better fit your lifestyle.

#Protip: Ask your daycare or in-home care provider if they would be interested in a demonstration about how easy cloth diapers are to use. Many daycare simply aren’t familiar with cloth and immediately say no due to lack of education. Try offering to show them how easy modern cloth diapers can be and see if that changes their minds. (We’ve had a few clients do this successfully recently!)

3. Reluctant Partners

Sometimes, whether we want to admit it or not, our partners can be reluctant to cloth diaper. It may be that they don’t want to do the extra laundry or more often that they have a few misconceptions about modern cloth diapers and washing procedures.

However, it can be extremely frustrating if your partner is really truly against cloth diapering. If this is your situation, cloth diapering may not be right for your family.

Some of our clients choose to cloth diaper and handle the washing themselves if they have a reluctant partner. That is always an option, but we try to encourage families to be on the same page whenever possible. If the decision to cloth diaper is going to cause a major rift in your family dynamic, it may not be right for you.

Protip: Bring your partner to a local cloth diaper class hosted by a retailer in your community. Some of their misconceptions might be eased if they understood more about cloth diapering and the different cloth styles to choose from. Many of our families are surprised by how much they learn and how easy cloth diapering really can be.


I am a firm believer in doing what works, when it works. Sometimes, my kids do yoga with me before we start our day and sometimes my three year old insists on wearing the same pair of pajama pants for three days straight. Balancing all the aspects of parenthood is difficult to the point of feeling impossible sometimes.

The truth is, we know cloth diapering isn’t for everyone. If you feel that cloth diapering is that one thing that would just overwhelm your plate, then it’s ok to say it’s not for you. If you would end up spending hundreds on coin operated laundry facilities, it may not be financially feasible for the long term. No matter what the reason, we’re here to support you and offer guidance if you should ever change your mind.

So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Parenting is tough! (And toddlers DO. NOT. CARE.)

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