One of the most common questions we are asked when teaching our Introduction to Cloth Diapering class is ‘what do you do with the poop?’ Using cloth diapers and the concept of reusing diapers seems simple until you get to the poop.

When I first began cloth diapering, almost ten years ago, this was my most concerning aspect of cloth diapering. How do you know what to do on the go? How do you handle washing poopy cloth diapers? And do you have to remove the poop before washing? The entire concept seemed too difficult to handle. Little did I know, dealing with poopy cloth diapers was actually more simple than I thought.

In this article, we’ll discuss the three different methods of dealing with poopy cloth diapers and how to know which method is right for you.


My favorite option to remove poop when cloth diapering is to use GroVia Bioliners. Bioliners are about half the thickness of a dryer sheet and come in packs of 200 for about eleven dollars. So, not only are they economical, but they are easy to use too.

GroVia BiolinersTo use GroVia Bioliners, remove just one sheet from the roll and lay on the top most layer of your diaper. So, if you are using a GroVia Hybrid diaper, you would lay your bioliner on top of your soaker pad. If you are using a pocket diaper or an All In One (or AIO), you would lay your liner on top of the shell of your diaper and/or the top most layer of your AIO.

The solids will remain on top of your bioliner while the liquids will move through to your absorbent layers. When it’s time for a change, simply remove your bioliner and dispose of it in the trash (we do not recommend flushing these liners). Grab a new bioliner and a brand new diaper and you’re ready for another change!

Diaper Sprayer

Another option when dealing with poopy diapers is to use a diaper sprayer. We recommend the Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer to spray off your cloth diapers. The Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer is the simple way to rinse cloth diapers before washing.

The diaper sprayer connects to the supply line of your toilet and has an adjustable spray pressure so that you can deal with all messes, large or small. Spray your cloth diaper off in your toilet before placing in your diaper pail or wet bag and on laundry day, wash your sprayed diapers as you normally would with the rest of your diapers.

Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer#protip The important thing to remember about removing solids from your cloth diapers is your baby’s diet. Poopy diapers from babies that are exclusively breastfed (or that have EBF poop) do not need to be rinsed before entering your washer. EBF poop is completely water soluble and will break down in your washer without the need of bioliners or a diaper sprayer. Once any other substance is added to baby’s diet (including baby food, formula etc), your diapers will need to be sprayed or otherwise have solids removed before entering your washer.

Dunk and Swish

Finally, the more ‘classic’ method of dealing with poopy cloth diapers is referred to as the ‘dunk and swish’ method. Using the dunk and swish method, simply take your dirty cloth diaper, dunk it in the toilet water and swish it around to remove solids as you flush your toilet. When the solids are removed, wring out your rinsed diaper and place it in your wet bag or diaper pail for wash day.

Now granted, this isn’t everyone’s favorite method, but it is both simple and effective and the only method that does not require the purchase of a cloth diaper accessory. This classic method is hailed for being the most economical and in a similar manner, the easiest.


So, let’s be serious. I was a huge fan of GroVia bioliners when my babies were cloth diapering. We could use this method on the go and it prevented us from having to bring home poopy cloth diapers in our wet bag. They were so economical and because they come in rolls of 200, I almost never had to worry about running out.

No matter which method you choose, don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to cloth diapering. There are so many easy methods to remove solids, you just have to decide which method works for you and your family.

#thebreakdown Looking for the most economical choice? The dunk and swish method is the method for you. Want something easy for on the go? Grab some GroVia bioliners instead. Looking for something that you can use at home and will get your diapers clean every time? Pick up a Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer here.

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