Shopping in person can be an invaluable experience when you need advice, demonstrations and want to see products in person. Beginning your cloth diapering journey might require a few trips to your local boutique to sample different styles and ask questions. But, what if you are an experienced cloth diaper parent or caregiver and you just need to stock up?

Have you ever tried to make it out of the house with two toddlers who refused a reasonable bedtime and are simultaneously trying to undress? No thank you.

Sometimes, you just need to stock up on your essentials online, from home, and then get back to the partial nudity situation happening in your driveway.

People frequently ask us where they can find other top quality cloth diaper items we may not have in-store. We realize we might not carry all the brands you love, and never ones to shy away from answering the tough questions, we are going to share our top seven cloth diaper online retailers and what their sites have to offer.

The Natural Baby Company

The Natural Baby Company specializes in GroVia cloth diapers and eco-friendly products for the juvenile market. They offer a moderate selection of brands to include Haakaa, Como Tomo, Tula and Stokke.

The Natural Baby Company site offers free shipping over $49 and a reward program for TNBC account holders.

This retailer also offers easy to find and read site guides about babywearing and cloth diapering that are very informative. Based out of Montana, check out their ‘Montana Made Gifts’ section for a unique local selection.

The Natural Baby Company can be found online at

Abby’s Lane

If you’re looking for lots of choices, Abby’s Lane specializes in a large selection of products for mom, baby and family. They offer an extensive number of brands in their selection including Kindercarry, Skip Hop and Applecheeks. Their product lines span from cloth diapers to playtime and include many Abby’s Lane exclusive prints as well.

This retailer also offers a large online chat group on Facebook and free shipping on their site on all orders.

Abby’s Lane can be found online at

Green Mountain Diapers

Green Mountain Diapers specializes in Cloth-eez Workhorse cloth diapers and cloth diaper education. The Green Mountain Diapers site offers a gift wrapping service, an emphasis on natural fibers and 20 years of industry experience. Green Mountain Diapers has a small selection of brands to include Disana, Smart Bottoms, and Babee Greens.

GMD also offers bulk discounts for large stash purchases and a gift registry as well. If you would like to see various cloth diaper styles fitted on babies, they have an informative archive with photos of the various styles and steps.

Green Mountain Diapers can be found online at

Mom’s Milk Boutique

Mom’s Milk Boutique specializes in a very wide selection of baby gear including car seats, strollers, baby carriers and cloth diapers. The MMB site offers an online bra fitting, free shipping on orders over $35 and even a section of gifts for dad too. Mom’s Milk Boutique has a large selection of brands to include Diono, ERGObaby, Super Undies and Finn + Emma.

MMB also offers a natural home selection extending to kitchen, aromatherapy and oral care needs.

Mom’s Milk Boutique can be found online at

Nicki’s Diapers

Nicki’s Diapers specializes in their in-house brand, Nicki’s Diapers, and very large collection of baby gear products. They offer brands to include Boba, Sweet Pea, Earth Mama and Aden & Anais. Nicki’s Diapers’ site offers free shipping over $10, a large nursing section and a reward program for account holders.

This retailer also offers a 15-day trial program that allows you to wash and try cloth diapers for the first time.

Nicki’s Diapers can be found online at

The Green Nursery

The Green Nursery specializes in cloth diapering knowledge and packages and offers a moderate selection of brands and baby gear products. They carry brands such as Nuna Leaf, Diva Cup, Badger Baby and bumGenius. The Green Nursery site offers free shipping over $35, a large book & toy selection and an affiliate program for account holders.

TGN also offers a clothopedia video resource that offers a more in-depth explanation of cloth diapering and elements of the cloth diaper process.

The Green Nursery can be found online at

Kelly’s Closet

Kelly’s Closet specializes in a wide variety of cloth diapering products and accessories and is one of the longest standing online cloth diaper retailers. They carry brands such as Itzy Ritzy, Smart Bottoms, ezpz and Logan and Lenora. Kelly’s Closet offers free shipping over $25, several exclusive prints, and a baby registry for expectant parents.

Kelly’s Closet also offers a 30 trial program that allows participants to try multiple styles and return those that do not fit their needs.

Kelly’s Closet can be found online at


Choosing where to spend your dollar can be overwhelming when there are so many options. Supporting small businesses, even online, can make a huge impact and you will often find a high level of customer service, dedicated shop owners and high-quality brands that you would never see at a big box store.

For more eco-friendly baby products and cloth diaper education, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram! And check out some of our favorite cloth diaper tips here to learn more about the natural parenting lifestyle.
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