We see hundreds of families every year who at some point in their visit will ask “Which cloth diaper is the most popular?” Although we want families to have as much information as possible and choose the cloth diaper that is right for their family, arguably the most popular style of diaper we sell here at our boutique is the All In One (or AIO) cloth diaper.

The All In One attracts all sorts of caregivers from dads to grandparents to daycares and gives families the most comfortability from change to change. It’s a one step change that is simple to use and simple to clean. There are so many reasons to choose the AIO and most of them will make your life so much easier (because what mom doesn’t need a little break?)

In this article, we are going to discuss the functionality, popular use and drawbacks of using All In One cloth diapers.



All cloth diapering systems are comprised of two pieces: something that is absorbent and something that is waterproof. An All In One cloth diaper is literally those two pieces sewn together to make a one piece diaper, hence its name.

Most All In One cloth diapers have soaker pads that are not completely attached to the shell of the diaper, but sewn in at one end or the other. Some have the soaker pads completely sewn in and some have soaker pads with different thicknesses and fibers.

If it is a one size diaper, they will have several rise settings attached to the PUL/TPU on the front of the diaper that will allow you to make the diaper longer or shorter as well as waist snaps to make the diaper tighter or looser. If your AIO is a sized diaper, you may not see these rise settings.

The All In One is a one use diaper, meaning the entire diaper goes on, the entire diaper comes off each change and is placed in the wet bag or diaper pail. AIOs cannot be used more than once, but have no parts and pieces to remember/pack/attach either. They are a one step diaper system, simple to use and simple to learn to use.

Popular Uses

So, who loves AIOs?

All In Ones are ideal for daycare settings where explaining how different pieces of a diaper system would be complicated or if daycare policy states that no part of the diapering system be reused. In this case, AIOs would be the perfect diaper to bring to daycare, the easiest to educate people about and the simplest to pack as well.

When choosing a cloth diaper system, we always recommend that families truly consider the caregiver. Elderly caregivers like grandma and grandpa or short term care providers like babysitters may not want to ‘learn’ all the steps to putting on a cloth diaper and the All In One would be the easiest system for them to use.

AIOs are also popular with families where baby spends some time with one parent and some time with another. All In Ones are easy to pack and there are no parts or pieces to forget that would make the diapering system unusable. Their simple, one step design is the very reason they are so popular.



To be completely honest, there are a few drawbacks to All In One cloth diapers. Because AIOs are a single piece, it’s impossible to change the fiber content. You can add boosters in another fiber, but you can’t actually change the fibers that make up the absorbency of the diaper.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, some fibers, like natural fibers, can be easier to clean than others. And secondly, as your baby grows and develops, you may move into a stage where you do need more absorbency or a different fiber for your baby or toddler. Because an AIO is one piece, this can be difficult to achieve.

Longer dry time would be another drawback to All In Ones. Other styles like hybrids or covers and prefolds are separate pieces and therefore dry faster in the dryer than AIOs. If you don’t own a dryer and hang dry all your cloth diapers, it can take several days sometimes to dry certain AIOs. And since no parent on earth has time to be constantly checking to see whether or not a cloth diaper is dry, this might be a style to skip if you are planning to exclusively hang dry your diapers.

Bonus: Best All In Ones 2019

So, which are the best All In One cloth diapers? We knew you’d ask. Here’s our roundup of the top five:

  • Thirsties All In OneThirsties Natural One Size All In One - Thirsties Natural One Size AIOs are made in the US with their signature hemp/organic cotton blend inner. The three rise settings let you use this diaper from birth until potty learning and the soakers allow you to customize the absorbency at any age as well.

  • GroVia All In OneGroVia All In One - The GroVia All In One cloth diaper is made completely of an organic cotton inner and fits babies from ten to forty pounds. Their signature wing design prevents wing droop and leaves the front panel flat, making it harder for baby to remove their diaper. One of the trimmest diapers on the market, the narrow crotch also makes getting the perfect fit quick and easy.

  • GroVia ONEGroVia ONE - The GroVia ONE cloth diaper has a hidden inner microfiber layer in addition to two soaker pads made of 100% cotton, topped with 100% microfleece, allowing parents to customize their absorbency. Because this diaper is so absorbent, it’s ideal for naptime and nighttime alike. Trust me, if my two and half year old toddler can use it without leaking, you’re safe!

  • Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 - The Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 has two inner soaker pads made of 100% organic cotton and an outer, waterproof later made from 100% PUL. Although this diaper does need a lot of prep (it’s recommended to wash between six and eight times before use), it’s extremely absorbent and the organic fibers are always a plus.

  • BumGenius All In OnebumGenius Freetime All In One - The bumGenius Freetime All In One The bumGenius Freetime may be the All In One that more people are familiar with and it has been around a long time for a good reason. The two waist snaps and three rise settings help parents easily get a perfect fit while the two soaker pads wick away moisture quick, leaving baby feeling dry.
  • #Momrealness

    All In Ones are usually the first step for cloth diapering parents. I started with AIOs when my first was born and to this day, they are still my favorite. I love that my husband and mom can use them as easily as I can and they are so easy to pack.

    Does this mean that AIOs are for everyone? Nope. And that’s ok! What’s important is that you find the cloth diapering system that works for your lifestyle and your family.

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